Lodging at a National Historic Landmark Chalet
Reached Only by Trail

Granite Park Chalet

Experience unequaled back country hospitality in one of Glacier National Park's most panoramic and pristine wilderness environments.


Open from June 25 through September 11th.

$140 First Person, $95 each additional person in the same room, plus Montana Accommodations tax.
Optional linen and bedding service: $40 per person.
Optional pre-order retail menu

Reservations and advanced payment are required.

What's New:

Vehicle reservations

A frequent question we are getting is about vehicle reservations for Going to the
Sun Road.

Your chalet reservation will act as a vehicle reservation for Going to the Sun Road on your arrival date. Be sure to have a copy of your chalet reservation with you in your vehicle as you enter the park. If it is on your device, be sure it is downloaded beforehand; there may not be a signal at the entrance station.

For the 2024 season, this vehicle reservation will be required for entering Going to the Sun Road from the West Glacier entrance between 6:00am and 3:00pm.

Details about Going to the Sun Road vehicle reservations are available here: https://www.nps.gov/glac/planyourvisit/vehicle-reservations.htm

Reservation info

Our 2024 summer is off to a great start! We are once again overwhelmed by the enthusiasm for these ol' chalets. There have been some common questions turning up, so here is some info to help you out:

Now that your request is in queue, expect an Email within the week, either yay or nay. We personally review all the requests and it is going to take several days to work through the backlog.

We will begin updating the availability calendar periodically. This is mostly to give everyone a sense of our progress. Until we get caught up any availability shown is not accurate.

If we award a reservation you will have two weeks to make the deposit payment. If we can not, I am sorry. We know that there are far more people that want to join us than we are able to host.

For those of you already planning the hunt for openings from cancellations and change, good luck. No, we do not know when that will happen. Yes, I am positive that the strategy you have come up with is the best one. The only advice is patience and persistence.

Thanks for your enthusiasm!

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Granite Park Chalet Information:

Granite Park Chalet was built in 1914 and 1915 by the Great Northern Railway to provide comfortable back country accommodations inside Glacier National Park. It was the last of the chalets built by the railroad and one of the only two back country chalets that have survived. Today this rustic lodge is listed as a National Historic Landmark and it continues to provide comfortable lodging to adventurers and visitors in the Glacier National Park wilderness.

Optional services to make your stay more comfortable


When you pre-order, your food selections will be at the chalet waiting for you to prepare them in our kitchen. Although many of these products will be available at the chalet, specific items can not be guaranteed unless you pre-order.


Lighten your back pack and leave your sleeping bag behind.

The linen package includes: A set of sheets, pillow, pillow case, and blankets. E-mail us or call the office to place your order.

What to Expect

We have a rustic kitchen for you to prepare your meals!

We have limited facilities for water.

What to Bring


Be sure to bring:

Don't Forget:

Camping in the Granite Park Area:

For those who wish to camp out, the Granite Park campground is administered by the National Park Service. For information on back country camping permits in Glacier, see Glacier National Park's Back country Camping Guide.


The weather in Glacier is very temperate, but temperamental. The temperature in July and August varies from 29 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit at chalet elevations (6500+feet). The evenings are usually cool and the buildings are not heated, so you'll need warm clothing for evening use. Sudden rain squalls or thunderstorms can occur, so rain gear should always be carried. Comfortable, appropriate footwear and good socks for mountain hiking, are recommended. Sore, blistered feet and cold, wet bodies are the biggest fun killers that can be encountered.

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