Pre-order retail menu

Our optional pre-order retail menu is designed to make your back country visit a little more comfortable and convenient. Lighten your backback and take the worry out of your meals by ordering in advance. We will have your food waiting for you when you arrive.

Sorry, we can not take any more pre-orders for the 2023 season. With our season wrapping up in less than two weeks, we no longer have the ability to deliver your orders to the chalet.

We are still very well stocked with water and freeze dried meals. You will be able to purchase most items from our menu over the counter at the chalet for the remainder of the season.

When to order

It is not necessary to place your order at the same time you make your reservation. If you are planning your visit many months in advance feel free to take time to organize your party and your menu.

The deadline for placing your order with the reservation office is 2 weeks prior to your arrival date.

About the menu

Everything on our retail menu has been personally tasted by the chalet management staff. We have tried a lot of freeze dried and camping foods to come up with the best tasting meals in the mountains for you.

Most entrees are two servings. For people with light to average appetites this will serve two people, especially if you compliment them with a side dish. If you have a large appetite or plan on burning a lot of calories hiking, then this may only feed one person.

Ordering in advance is the best way to guarantee a selection and the most convenient way to pay. Many of the items on the menu will also be available over the counter at the chalet.

Bottled water and other drinks will be available over the counter. If you are unsure how much water you will need, feel free to pay as you go at the chalet.

Native water is available, it must be hauled from 1/4 mile away along a rocky and rugged trail, the National Park Service is treating 100 gallons per day for safe public use.

Any native water must be filtered with a one micron filter and then brought to a boil before it will be safe to use. It could also be made safe with chemical treatment. Consumption of stream fed water is at your own risk.

What should I bring?

We have the cooking stoves and the pots and pans for you to use.

Environmentally friendly paper plates and utensils are available for optional purchase.

Why freeze dried foods?

At Granite Park Chalet one of our highest priorities is the preservation of the environment. Freeze dried food helps reduce the impact of chalet visitors on the pristine wilderness.

You are certainly invited to bring and prepare any food of your own choosing, but we appreciate your help in protecting the wilderness with simple to prepare meals.