Fire Restrictions

It has been hot and dry in Montana this summer and here in Glacier National Park, stage II fire restrictions have been put in place. What this means for park visitors is no fires. Campfires are not allowed and smoking is only allowed in a barren area. Propane stoves are okay, but charcoal or bbq briquets are not.

While visiting the chalets these restrictions are easy enough to follow. Keep the cooking in the kitchen, and don't mess around with any sort of flame outside.

Be super careful while visiting Glacier during these hot and dry days. Be sure to drink plenty of water and carry extra water while hiking. Start your hikes as early in the morning as you can while it is still cool.

Be safe out there.

The Highline Trail is open

Hiking from Logan Pass to Granite Park Chalet is now possible. For the next week or so you should still be mindful of snow crossings and some of the hazards that snow can create. Running water can undercut the snow and create the risk of falling through, and of course you should be super careful with the slippery surface.

And Mother Nature is showing her sense of humor by making us worry about both snow and heat on the same hike. The near future forecast has some hot days in it. Be really careful as you go out hiking in the heat of the day. You should:

Take breaks in the shade. Drink lots of fluids. And be safe out there.

Yay! Granite Park Chalet is open.

We are super excited to start another summer of hiking and adventure up at Granite Park Chalet. We can't wait for you to visit.

For the next week or so, come prepared for snow in the high country. We are running into snow on the loop trail about a quarter mile below the chalet. You should have good waterproof hiking boots, trekking poles help, hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

The Highline Trail is closed and will probably stay closed for a couple weeks. The Loop Trail is your best access right now. We expect Going to the Sun Road to open to private vehicles soon. Until that happens we are shuttling all chalet guests past the closure up to the Loop trailhead. Call our office if you have questions about your upcoming chalet reservation.

Summertime in Glacier is here. I hope you are planning to take a hike!

What about the snow?

We have been getting a lot of questions here in the office about when to expect high country trails to open up this year. The answer will always be: no one knows. Which we have to admit is not very helpful.

So in an effort to be helpful, let me show off some information that we do know.
The Flattop Mountain Snotel site has the best snow depth data for the Glacier Park high country.
From here we can learn how deep the snow got this year, how deep it is right now, and how fast it is melting. Granite Park Chalet is at the same elevation as this monitoring station, so this is our best estimate as to snow conditions around the chalet.

When Does the Highline Trail open?
I can't speak for this year, but here are Highline Trail opening dates from the past several years:
2016: July 6
2015: July 1
2014: July 17
2013: July 13
2012: July 27
2011: July 29
2010: July 9
2009: July 3
2008: July 18

If you have an early season reservation, don't let snow worry you. Granite Park Chalet will be accessible by the Loop Trail, so get out there and enjoy the mountains. Springtime with some snow around makes the chalet gorgeous.

Happy Hiking!


Do you know what you are having for dinner when you stay at Granite Park Chalet? If you are still figuring that out, take a look at our retail menu. The 2017 menu is now ready.

You are always welcome to bring any food of your own choice, and all of our overnight guests will have access to our kitchen. But our menu is here to help. Simple to prepare, simple to clean up, we have picked out the tastiest backpacking meals we can find. Order in advance to lighten your backpack, we will have your food waiting in the kitchen when you arrive. Most of these items will be available over the counter too should you need something at the last minute, but ordering in advance will guarantee a selection.

Happy Hiking!

Transportation reservations are now available.

Will you need a ride to a chalet trailhead this summer? We can help.
You can read about our shuttle details here.

Fun fact: 2016 was a record setting year for the most Glacier Park visitors. Forecasts for visitors in 2017 are very similar. While it is great that so many people are enjoying our wonderful park, it can cause some problems too. Where to park your car is one of those problems.

For your hike to the chalet you should think about using a shuttle to get to the trailhead. We can provide transportation between West Glacier and all the chalet trailheads along Going to the Sun Road. With our shuttle you can:

Our shuttle is not your only option. The National Park Service is operating a shuttle along Going to the Sun Road.

And there are two private options for people on the east side of the park that need transportation.

Happy Trails

Guided interpretive workshops still available.

We still have a handful of rooms available in some of our guided interpretive workshops. These workshops are a great opportunity for field outings into the heart of Glacier with an expert naturalist and educator. Granite Park Chalet makes the perfect base camp to let you indulge in a backcountry study of wildflowers, ecology, geology, art, and more.

Find the workshop details here.
Check our vacancy here.

Space is limited.

Happy Trails.

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