Fire Update

Granite Park Chalet is OPEN. However, recent new wildfires in Glacier may impact your travel and hiking plans.

Going to the Sun Road is currently closed on the west side of the park. Granite Park Chalet can be reached from the east side St. Mary access to Logan Pass and along the Highline Trail, or from Many Glacier over the Swiftcurrent Pass trail.

If you were already planning to access Granite Park Chalet from the east, carry on, we will see you there. Be advised that you will not be able to use the Loop Trail to depart. We recommend using the shuttle system for access to Logan Pass.

If you are coming from the west side of the park, you will need to add a couple hours to your plans and travel to the St. Mary entrance via Highway 2. Again, we suggest using the shuttle for Logan Pass access.

Unexpected wildfires are a fact of nature here in Glacier. Being adaptable is a good skill to foster for wilderness visits.

Be safe out there.

Summer at Granite Park Chalet

We are enjoying an amazing summer of hiking and mountain adventures. All the trails in and out of the chalet are open, Granite Park Chalet is a great hiking destination.

The weather has been hot and dry, so bring extra water on your hike. Snacks will help too.

Roads and parking are very crowded, we recommend the park shuttle system. The first 7:00am runs from Apgar Transit Center are express routes to Logan Pass. The last bus departs Logan Pass at 7:00pm.

Just because the weather was hot and dry last week does not mean it will stay that way. Hike smart; check the forecast and conditions before setting off into the backcountry. Think about bringing some extras like sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, even a light jacket for high country wind.

Happy Hiking!

Highline Trail is open!

The beautiful and popular Highline Trail from Logan Pass is now open.

Be ready for some snow crossings and wet trail conditions this week. Now go take a hike!

Yay! Granite Park Chalet is open!

We are excited for a new year of hiking and mountain adventures and we can't wait for you to join us.

Going to the Sun Road is open and the shuttle service will start in a few days on July 1. If you need to park at the Loop Trailhead before the shuttle service begins, we recommend getting there early, the parking will fill up quickly.

The Loop Trail is currently your best choice for getting to Granite Park Chalet. There is still some snow on the last half mile approach to the chalet, and patchy snow in the vicinity. Good waterproof boots will help you.

The Swiftcurrent Pass Trail from Many Glacier is open, but expect to find a snow covered trail at the highest elevations. Route finding skills, as well as those good boots will be important if you choose this route.

We do not have any forecast for the opening of the Highline Trail. This trail is extremely dangerous when it is snow covered and posted as closed, please be safe and respect the trail closed signs.

Happy Hiking!

Dinner time

Our pre-order menu is now available for the 2018 season. You may place your order online here.

Our menu is designed to be easy to prepare, easy to clean up, and tasty to eat. Just as important, pre-ordering can make your backpack lighter. Your food will be waiting for you in the Granite Park kitchen when you arrive.

Happy Hiking!

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