Merry Christmas!

Santa Horse
There are no reindeer in Glacier Park, the bighorn sheep union has repeatedly turned down Santa's requests for sleigh pulling, and I have it on good authority that Mrs. Clause has forbidden him from trying to harness a mountain goat. While I have never seen him do it, I am pretty sure that Santa uses horsepower to bring gifts to the good hikers. From the mountains of Montana, we wish you a Merry Christmas!

We are taking a little time off to enjoy our families, we hope you get to do the same. No one will be answering the office phone until January 2. See you in the new year.

Happy Thanksgiving

We will be out of the office over the holiday, and we hope that you get an opportunity to relax with your loved ones as well. We will be back in the office again on Monday, November 28.

2012 rates

The National Park Service has approved our rates for the 2012 season. The fares listed here on our website are correct and now official. If you have already received a 2012 reservation confirmation, the rates listed are correct. You may now pay your bill with confidence that these fares will not change.

Happy Hiking!

Your 2012 reservation

Thanks to everyone for your excitement and enthusiasm toward the chalets. It has been an exciting week helping everyone with your 2012 visits.

If you did not get the reservation you wanted, please watch the availability calendar over the winter for any changes and openings.

For those of you needing to make a deposit payment, the phone lines ought to be easier to connect through in the upcoming weeks. You can also mail your payment using the form on the bottom of your posted confirmation. We are going to be backlogged handling your payments over the next couple weeks, so we will temporarily waive the 14 day payment deadline until we get caught up.

Thanks and happy trails!

Making 2012 reservations.

We will begin accepting reservations for the 2012 season on Monday, October 24, 8:00 a.m. Mountain time zone. Here are some tips to help you out.

The two best ways to make a reservation are by phone or online through our web site. We will be staffed to handle both simultaneously, so use the method that best meets your needs.

A reservation request form will be available through the reservations page of our website beginning on October 24.

We can review and approve these online requests faster than any other type of reservation request, therefore we are likely to create more reservations from online requests than by phone. Online reservations have the advantage of waiting in queue for us to review them, so you don't have to spend hours of your time on the phone re-dialing. All online requests are handled in the order they are submitted. The disadvantage is that it may take some time, possibly a day or more, before you learn the status of your reservation.


Reserving by phone has the advantage of a live person helping you and instant feedback on your reservation. If you are making a large, or complicated reservation, the phone will be the best choice for you. We will be answering the phone during office hours, 8:00am to 2:00pm, Monday through Friday, in the Mountain Time Zone.

The phone line is usually very congested when we start taking reservations. With hundreds of people calling simultaneously, you are likely to encounter busy signals and difficulty connecting. Patience and persistence will be your best tools for reaching us by phone. Please do not call the National Park Service or other local hotels. Our toll free phone number is the only phone number you can call to make a chalet reservation.

We are thrilled that so many people are excited to join us in the mountains. We will be working hard until all reservation requests are personally handled.

We will be updating our online availability calendar regularly, however, when we experience this large volume of reservation requests the calendar cannot keep up and the displayed vacancies may not be accurate.

Returning customers, please be advised that our cancellation policies are being updated for the 2012 season. Please check the new policies so that you do not accidentally incur unwanted fees.

We are excited to talk to you soon.
Happy Hiking!

Looking forward to 2012

We have some new information about the 2012 season:

Granite Park Chalet will be open from July 1 to September 9, 2012

We will begin accepting reservations on Monday, October 24.

Happy Trails

Closed for the season

Granite Park Chalet is closed for the 2011 season. We had a great summer, thanks to everyone that took the hike to visit us!

Happy trails.

September at Granite Park Chalet

The end of our summer season is less than a week away, here is what to expect.

The Going to the Sun Road shuttle will be operating through September 5, Monday. If you are staying with us Monday night or later, your easiest choice is to hike out the same trail you arrived on to get back to your car.

We are closing after breakfast on Saturday, September 10. After that, no services will be available at Granite Park Chalet for the remainder of the year.

You can also expect some really great hiking. The Highline trail is clear of snow. The weather forecast is calling for mostly sunny skies and comfortable temperatures. This is going to be a great week to be in the backcountry. If you are in the area, I recommend picnic lunches at Granite Park Chalet.

Happy trails.

Highline Trail

Here’s the latest scoop on the Highline trail for all our upcoming guests! I received the following reports from reliable guests who have travelled on the Highline: “There are approximately 10 snow patches left on the trail. Only two are significant.” “I am quite uncomfortable on snow. I had no problem, but I took my time and we’re thrilled with the world class view!” One final note: There are numerous water falls, a place where there is a snow bridge, and it’s important to take poles, wear suitable hiking foot wear, and travel at your own pace. Having said that, it is always your responsibility to hike within your own limits. If, in any way at all, you feel the trail is compromising your individual safety, turn around and come in on the Loop Trail. The Loop Trail has been a favorite of mine ever since the 2003 fires, which opened up beautiful vistas for 2/3 of the hike! If you hike up the Loop, I look forward to visiting with you! See you on the trail!

Highline Trail Status

The National Park Service is informing us that headway is being made toward opening the Highline Trail between Logan Pass and Granite Park Chalet. The Highline Trail could possibly open as soon as Friday, July 29th. Be sure to watch the Glacier National Park website for the latest trail status information.

If you are planning to hike the Highline Trail, be prepared, open does not mean free from snow and it will be difficult and potentially treacherous in places. Be ready for 80% to 90% snow coverage along the trail. Hazards can include tricky side slope traverses, collapsing snow bridges, and slippery footing. Hiking in snow is always more challenging than dry ground, so be prepared to make extra effort and take extra time on this hike. Be sure to have sturdy, waterproof boots with good traction. Trekking poles can help with balance, sunscreen will be important, and a change of socks are also a good idea.

Happy Trails

Going to the Sun Road is open!

Starting today, July 13, you may now drive the entire length of Going to the Sun Road. You should still be ready for snow in the high country, and bring water with you because there is currently no water available at Logan Pass.

Access to Granite Park Chalet is still limited to the Loop Trail. The Highline Trail remains closed and very dangerous. There are no estimates for when this trail might become available. Even though you can drive to the Loop trailhead now, we still want to recommend using the shuttles. Parking at the Loop will be very limited, we recommend taking a shuttle from the Apgar Transit Center. Be sure to get an early start to your day.

On the Loop Trail, you will find snow for the last 3/4 mile to the chalet. At the chalet the snow is 5-10 feet deep. Be ready with sturdy, waterproof hiking boots and spare socks. Trekking poles can help you with balance and don't forget your sunglasses and sunscreen. Going out from Granite Park Chalet, the Highline Trail both north and south is reported to be treacherous, but hikers of all skill levels are making it up to Swiftcurrent Lookout.

As you make your way into the Park, or plan ahead to your trip, you can stay abreast of current trail conditions from the National Park Service trail status reports.

Happy Hiking!

You can help preserve Glacier National Park's historic structures.

The National Park Service had many structures damaged by the heavy snow loads this winter and spring and consequently have many projects going to address these emergency situations as well as for other historic preservation needs. Damage occurred on Scalplock and Brown lookouts as well as Granite Park and Sperry Chalets to name a few. The Glacier National Park Fund has created a donation account to assist the National Park Service with these and other historic preservation projects. If you are interested in contributing, please contact the Glacier National Park Fund at (406) 892-3250 or their website at

Thank you.

Granite Park Chalet is open!

We are super excited to see you! There is still plenty of snow in the high country with depths of up to 8 feet reported around the chalet. And Going to the Sun Road is still closed at Avalanche campground, so you will need to use the shuttle to get to the trailhead. But those little things aren't stopping the happy hikers hitting the trail this weekend. Like John Muir said; the mountains are calling, so let's go hiking!

You should hop on the shuttle at the Apgar Transit Center, that is the best place to park. The shuttle starts running at 7:00am and leaves every hour. You will need to switch over to the smaller buses at Avalanche campground, and those sprinter shuttles head up to The Loop every 10 minutes.

Still no word on when the road will open to Logan Pass, but the plows have made it. Stay up to date on road information here:

Expect snow for the upper mile or so of the Loop Trail. Waterproof boots are super important and other gear like trekking poles, shoe traction, gaiters, and sunscreen will help. Skis and snowshoes won't be very helpful on the trail up, but they could be a lot of fun once you get to Granite Park Chalet, so bring 'em if you would like to.

Don't let the snowy conditions fool you. The weather is currently warm and sunny. Please make sure to carry plenty of water and stay hydrated. Watch out for sunburn too. When hiking on that bright snow you are going to be thankful for sunglasses, hats and sunscreen.

At the office we are switching to our summer schedule. You will be able to call us from 9:00am to 6:00pm every day for the rest of the summer.

Happy trails!

We are looking forward to seeing you on July 2!

The National Park Service has notified us that Going to the Sun Road maintenance and repair work has been successful enough to start allowing shuttle access to the Loop trailhead starting Saturday, July 2. We can't wait to see you!


Going to the Sun Road continues to remain closed to vehicles at Avalanche campground. Beginning July 2, access to the Loop trailhead will be via shuttle bus, or if you feel hearty enough you may hike up from the Avalanche campground. We STRONGLY recommend that you board the shuttle at the Apgar Transit Center. Frankly, parking around Avalanche campground is going to be totally congested this weekend, so don't even try. With the holiday weekend, the National Park Service is anticipating a lot of visitors to Glacier and plenty of demand for the shuttle service. So we are going to recommend getting an early start to your day. And while waiting in line for your bus, please remind yourself that patience is a virtue and that the view from Granite Park Chalet is worth the wait.

Shuttles will start running out of Apgar Transit Center at 7:00 am, carry 40 people, and depart every hour. To reach the Loop trailhead you will need to change buses at Avalanche campground. The smaller sprinter buses (12 person capacity) will then carry happy hikers between Avalanche and the Loop every 10 minutes. The last shuttle of the day departs the Loop at 5:00pm. Don't be late! Plan your departure from Granite Park Chalet with ample time for any possible contingency.

Beginning July 2, hikers and bikers will be allowed beyond the Avalanche campground road closure as far as 2.5 miles beyond the Loop. Be prepared for construction traffic and shuttle bus traffic along the way. It sounds like this is going to be a great weekend for breathing fresh Glacier Park air.

For more information about the Going to the Sun Road shuttle, look here:


Once we open, you should be prepared to hike through snow to access the chalet during these first few weeks. You should also be aware that hiking beyond the chalet may not be possible. Unusually deep snow remains in alpine areas throughout the park. Trails normally accessible in June still have snow depths over 15'-20' in many locations, creating hazardous conditions where snowbridges span streams, cliffs and emerging trees are buried, crevasses and bergschrunds (voids where the snow is melting away from the rock face or cliff under the snow) abound.

Based upon these conditions, under the authority of the Superintendent's Compendium, section 1.5 (a) (ii)(a): The Highline Trail between Logan Pass and Granite Park will be closed in the interest of public safety until conditions improve.

Traveling other routes beyond the chalet will likely be on snow and ice and those that go beyond the chalet should come prepared with the appropriate protective equipment and skills to travel under those conditions.

Happy Hiking!

Office hours

Due to the delayed openings at both chalets, we are continuing our off season office schedule as a cost cutting measure. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we appreciate your understanding that this is one of the ways we try to hold the cost of a chalet reservation down. We will change to our full time summer hours as soon as we are able to host guests at the chalets.

Currently our office hours are:
Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 2:00 pm in the Mountain time zone.

After hours you may use our website for chalet information, availability, and reservation requests. If you have questions about an existing reservation, an Email that includes your reservation number will be the best way to reach us.
[email protected]

we are looking forward to getting on the trail with you soon.

Unfortunately the Granite Park Chalet opening date is postponed again.

We have been informed by the National Park Service that it will be impossible to transport anyone to the Loop trailhead prior to July 3. We will be contacting all affected reservation holders directly.

While July 3 is the earliest possible date for shuttle buses to carry Park visitors to the Loop trailhead, the Park Service is informing us that public access to the trailhead may be delayed as late as July 7. This delay in our opening has to do with repair work underway on Going to the Sun Road. The schedule for completing this work is dependent on many factors beyond anyone’s control, most notably the weather.

Granite Park Chalet is ready for you as soon as the Park Service can provide safe access to our trails. The staff that is currently opening up Granite Park Chalet are absolutely thrilled and giddy over how beautiful the mountains are right now and how much fun this snow is. We can’t wait for you to join us!

Be sure to hike safely, contact us if you have questions, and join us in hoping for a prompt opening of Going to the Sun Road.

Winter Wonderland at Granite Park Chalet!

Our first opening crews are arriving at Granite Park Chalet and they are reporting lots and lots of snow! If you are visiting us in the first half of July come prepared for an exciting snow experience. Bring your snowshoes, bring your skis, bring a trashbag to go sledding on! Conditions in the high country are perfect for fun in the snow.

The flip side, of course, is that if you do not want a mountain snow experience, or if you are not capable or equipped to handle these conditions, you should not go. Get in touch with the reservation office as soon as possible. The more advanced notice we have, the more flexibility we have in handling your cancellation.

Here is what to expect:

Going to the Sun Road remains closed at Avalanche campground. No private vehicles are permitted past this point. Beginning July 1**, to reach The Loop trailhead you will need to enter the Park at the west entrance and use the Going to the Sun Road shuttle. You can board the shuttle at the Apgar transit center, or at the Avalanche campground road closure. We recommend using the Apgar transit center for better parking opportunities.

(** The National Park Service is informing us that road repair work may prevent the use of shuttles beyond the closure on July 1. We are expecting to hear more definitive information about the road and trail access by Friday evening.)

The upper portion of the Loop trail has a considerable amount of snow. We are already treading the trail to make it easy to follow. Hiking in snow is always more difficult than hiking on dry trail and will take more energy and concentration than you may be used to. Hazards include insecure footing, dangerous slip and fall conditions, collapsible snow bridges, and serious sunburn potential. Please hike safely.


There are currently no predictions for when Logan Pass will be accessible. No private vehicles will be allowed past the Avalanche campground road closure until Logan Pass opens from the west side. The Highline Trail will not be open for at least a week after Logan Pass opens and may be delayed even longer.

We expect conditions to change and melt out day by day. Particularly if Mother Nature blesses us with warm weather. We will update our website with new information as we learn of it, and the National Park Service lists trail conditions here.

Conditions like these are a rare and wonderful opportunity to see Glacier in a new light. Those of us who live nearby, or are regular visitors, thrive on these opportunities to see Glacier anew. If you are a first timer or infrequent visitor, thanks for being flexible and understanding. No one ever expected this much snow and no one wants to disrupt your vacation plans. We are all doing our best to adapt and make the most of these exciting conditions.

This July will afford you some views and opportunities that most Glacier Park visitors will never have. So go hike up Sun Road past the closure. Most people never see those views without traffic or windshields. Go hike a different trail than you planned for. And when you make it to Granite Park Chalet, go build a snowman in July and take advantage of this rare opportunity to go sledding on the continental divide.

Granite Park Chalet's opening date is postponed to July 1.

Due to the above average snowpack in Glacier National Park this year, the National Park Service has informed us that no Granite Park Chalet trails will be accessible in time for our scheduled opening. We regret to inform you that Granite Park Chalet’s opening date has been postponed to July 1. Unfortunatly, we must cancel all reservations prior to July 1. We will be contacting all affected reservation holders directly.

Beginning July 1, the Going to the Sun Road shuttle will be able to bring Park visitors past the Avalanche Campground road closure to the Loop trailhead.

To reach Granite Park Chalet before the opening of Going to the Sun Road, guests must use the Park Service operated Going to the Sun Road shuttle to get to the Loop trailhead. The shuttle is free to ride, you can board the shuttle at either the Apgar Transit Center, which is near the west entrance to the Park, or at the Avalanche Campground road closure. We would like to suggest using the Apgar transit center for better parking opportunities.

Guests will be able to access the trailheads by private vehicle as soon as the National Park Service is able to open the west side of Going to the Sun Road to Logan Pass. There are currently no estimates as to when this will happen.

More information about the Going to the Sun Road shuttle is available here.

More information about Going to the Sun Road, including road status and plowing updates, is available here.

Granite Park Chalet snow report

We have been closely watching the snow in the high country as we get closer to summer and we are happy to report that Granite Park Chalet will open as scheduled on June 28.

We are working with the National Park Service to ensure that chalet guests will have access to the Loop trailhead by the time we open for business. There is no word yet on when Logan Pass might open. Please join us in one of our favorite June pastimes and follow the progress of the plows online.

There is above average snow pack in Glacier National Park this year, and you should expect snowy conditions at Granite Park Chalet well into July. Sturdy and waterproof boots will be essential equipment, and we would also like to recommend some extra socks, trekking poles, traction devices, and ample sunscreen.

Plan on using the Loop Trail for Granite Park Chalet access for the first two weeks in July and possibly longer. We can't even guess when the Highline Trail might open. You can stay informed on Glacier trail conditions here:
You may also get up to date trail status information from any visitor center once you arrive here in Glacier.

We are getting excited about hitting the trails again, and I hope you are too.

Happy Hiking!

The menu is ready!

If you would like to lighten the load in your backpack, take advantage of our retail menu. We have a great selection of freeze dried meals, water and beverages, even snacks and dessert.

Complete details can be found here.

Happy Trails!

Administrative fees

A friendly reminder that administrative fees start applying on June 1. The month of May is your last opportunity to change or cancel your reservation without penalty. Beginning June 1, $10 will be charged for any cancellations or changes to your reservation.

Share your Granite Park Chalet photos with us.

The photo page on our website is programmed to search out all the photos of Granite Park Chalet publicly available through Every time you visit or refresh our photo page you will get a new random selection of Granite Park Chalet photos taken by Glacier National Park visitors. I am impressed because there have been some very good photographers visiting us.

If you took a particularly nice photo of Granite Park Chalet, use your own account (or make a new one) and show it off. Just make your photo public and tag it with "Granite Park Chalet"; it will turn up here on our website.

We can't wait to see you in the high country!

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