Planning for 2019

Dates: Granite Park Chalet will be open from June 29 through September 8, 2019.

We will begin accepting reservations on January 7, 2019. 8:00 am Mountain Time Zone.

This website is the best, fastest, and easiest way to request a reservation. The online form will be available 8:00 am January 7. Early requests are discarded. The phone line will be congested and slower than online requests. We are usually able to process all the incoming requests within a few days.

We are still finalizing the 2019 fares with the National Park Service. We will have that information to you as soon as possible.

We are looking forward to seeing you next year.

Thanks for a wonderful summer

Looking back on all the great hiking, the chalet camaraderie, the beautiful sights encountered, and even the way Mother Nature inconvenienced us with fire. I think it is fair to say, it has been a richly lived summer at Granite Park Chalet. Glacier has given us all a good adventure in 2018, thanks for joining us.

West Side Shuttles

Going to the Sun Road remains closed on the west side of the park, however, the National Park Service will begin operating shuttle service between Apgar Visitor Center and Logan Pass starting Friday the 7th.

You can learn more about using the shuttle through the west side closure here:

Space on the shuttle will be limited. Granite Park Chalet guests should contact our office to arrange standby seating to help you get your hike started.

The Highline Trail from Logan Pass is open. The Swiftcurrent Pass Trail from Many Glacier is open. The Loop Trail remains closed and the shuttle will not be stopping at The Loop.

Conditions have been beautiful up at Granite Park the past week, we have been enjoying some lovely September weather. Be sure to bring a comfortable warm layer for the evenings and mornings. The skies have been clear lately, but the Howe Ridge Fire is still not controlled. The fire could flair up again and weather and winds could change the air quality without warning. We are staying optimistic and looking forward to your visit.

Happy Trails

Granite Park update

Granite Park Chalet is open, you can reach us on the Highline Trail from Logan pass and on the Swiftcurrent Pass trail from Many Glacier. Be prepared for cooler weather and occasional rain showers for the remainder of the season.

Going to the Sun Road remains closed on the west side between Apgar and Logan Pass and the Loop Trail remains closed. If you are trying to reach Granite Park from the west side you will need to add about three hours to your travel plans to use Highway 2 and access the park from the east at St Mary. We continue to recommend using the shuttle system as parking is challenging at Logan Pass.

A new wildfire has erupted near the U.S. Canadian border. If you are planning to travel north into Waterton Lakes National Park, all areas are currently closed except for Waterton Townsite. Any Granite Park visitors planning to hike north be advised that all trails out of Goat Haunt are now closed. More information about the Boundary Fire can be found here:

Air quality remains hit or miss. Wind direction and weather conditions determine if the air quality is clear or hazy at Granite Park. We have been using the webcams to monitor air quality.

In spite of the fires and road closure, we are still looking forward to a few more weeks of fun hiking and exploring around Granite Park Chalet.

Be safe out there.

Fire Update

Granite Park Chalet is OPEN. However, recent new wildfires in Glacier may impact your travel and hiking plans.

Going to the Sun Road is currently closed on the west side of the park. Granite Park Chalet can be reached from the east side St. Mary access to Logan Pass and along the Highline Trail, or from Many Glacier over the Swiftcurrent Pass trail.

If you were already planning to access Granite Park Chalet from the east, carry on, we will see you there. Be advised that you will not be able to use the Loop Trail to depart. We recommend using the shuttle system for access to Logan Pass.

If you are coming from the west side of the park, you will need to add a couple hours to your plans and travel to the St. Mary entrance via Highway 2. Again, we suggest using the shuttle for Logan Pass access.

Unexpected wildfires are a fact of nature here in Glacier. Being adaptable is a good skill to foster for wilderness visits.

Be safe out there.

Summer at Granite Park Chalet

We are enjoying an amazing summer of hiking and mountain adventures. All the trails in and out of the chalet are open, Granite Park Chalet is a great hiking destination.

The weather has been hot and dry, so bring extra water on your hike. Snacks will help too.

Roads and parking are very crowded, we recommend the park shuttle system. The first 7:00am runs from Apgar Transit Center are express routes to Logan Pass. The last bus departs Logan Pass at 7:00pm.

Just because the weather was hot and dry last week does not mean it will stay that way. Hike smart; check the forecast and conditions before setting off into the backcountry. Think about bringing some extras like sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, even a light jacket for high country wind.

Happy Hiking!

Highline Trail is open!

The beautiful and popular Highline Trail from Logan Pass is now open.

Be ready for some snow crossings and wet trail conditions this week. Now go take a hike!

Yay! Granite Park Chalet is open!

We are excited for a new year of hiking and mountain adventures and we can't wait for you to join us.

Going to the Sun Road is open and the shuttle service will start in a few days on July 1. If you need to park at the Loop Trailhead before the shuttle service begins, we recommend getting there early, the parking will fill up quickly.

The Loop Trail is currently your best choice for getting to Granite Park Chalet. There is still some snow on the last half mile approach to the chalet, and patchy snow in the vicinity. Good waterproof boots will help you.

The Swiftcurrent Pass Trail from Many Glacier is open, but expect to find a snow covered trail at the highest elevations. Route finding skills, as well as those good boots will be important if you choose this route.

We do not have any forecast for the opening of the Highline Trail. This trail is extremely dangerous when it is snow covered and posted as closed, please be safe and respect the trail closed signs.

Happy Hiking!

Dinner time

Our pre-order menu is now available for the 2018 season. You may place your order online here.

Our menu is designed to be easy to prepare, easy to clean up, and tasty to eat. Just as important, pre-ordering can make your backpack lighter. Your food will be waiting for you in the Granite Park kitchen when you arrive.

Happy Hiking!

Sperry Chalet open house

Chalet appreciators should be aware of an event coming up on February 28. The National Park Service is seeking public comment about the future of Sperry Chalet.

A community event entitled �The Sperry Chalet Experience: Past, Present, and Future� to engage with the public, explore the nature of the Sperry Chalet visitor experience, and hear about what pieces of that experience are important to retain as the National Park Service rebuilds Sperry Chalet.

The program will be held on February 28 from 6:30 -8:30 p.m. at the Flathead Valley Community College Arts and Technology Building, Room 139 in Kalispell, MT.

For those of you on the far side of the horizon and unable to attend the open house, the park will also post a newsletter on the National Park Service Planning Website [] describing preliminary rebuilding concepts with an opportunity for public comment either online or via written letter.

More information here:

Thank you

We are very thankful for all the chalet enthusiasm we have seen this week, and we thrilled to meet so many people that will be hiking to Granite Park Chalet this summer. It's a bummer that this little hotel is not able to host everyone that wants to stay with us. If you could not get a reservation we are just as disappointed as you are, please check back periodically through the spring. Cancellations and changes do happen. Any openings will be available first come, first served.

Happy Hiking!

2018 reservations

Coming up on Monday we will begin accepting reservations for the 2018 season. Here is some info and a few hints to help you out.

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