Merry Christmas!

We are pleased to announce the operating dates for the 2024 chalet season.

Granite Park Chalet open from June 25 through September 11,
Sperry Chalet open from July 8 through September 11.

Reservations for 2024 will open on Monday, January 8.
Make your reservations through this website beginning at 8:00 am mountain time zone.

Happy Holidays.

End of summer

Wrapping the season at the chalets is so bittersweet. Though our feet are sore from the hiking and we have a winter to make it through before we see those mountaintops again, we can feel good about how awesome the summer of 2023 has been.

We had a great time on the mountain this year, thanks to everyone that could join us. I hope you had as much fun as we did.

Happy trails. See you in the new year.

Unusually High Temperatures in Glacier's backcountry!

Good day!
Be prepared to hike in/out early on the trails to take advantage of the early morning breezes in the high country. Always wear sunscreen, keep hydrated, and make good choices.

The LOOP trail has NO water at the present time so plan ahead and equip yourself with plenty of liquids for safe hiking. Looking forward to seeing you in the High Country!

Granite Park Chalet Guest Ktichen Information Update

We're thrilled you're coming to stay at Granite Park Chalet!

We'd like to remind you that you are welcome to cook your meal anytime from 4:00pm to 6:30pm.

We close the kitchen at 7:00pm in order to host coffee hour for you every evening at 7:00pm

See you in the high country!

Granite Park Chalet is open

We have boots on the ground and we love it! With very little snow this year our summer is starting with the Highline Trail open and wildflowers already blooming. This summer is going to be so much fun.

Bring extra water when you start your hike. This week is looking hot and dry. Be safe out there.

Lets go get our boots dirty!

The Highline Trail is OPEN!
Be prepared to cross snowfields. Hiking poles and foot traction devices are extremely helpful for these crossings.

And check out the shuttle information here:
Summer shuttle service begins on July 1 or when Going-to-the-Sun Road is fully open, whichever comes first.

We will meet in the mountains soon.

We are super excited that we will be able to visit our favorite mountain home again in just one short month.

The food order is now available. Go ahead and start planning your meals.

Vehicles: Your chalet reservation acts as your Sun Road entry ticket on the arrival date. Be sure to have either the paper or electronic copy with you in your vehicle. Find out more about vehicle entry here:

And check out the shuttle information here:
Summer shuttle service begins on July 1 or when Going-to-the-Sun Road is fully open, whichever comes first.

Happy Hiking!

Vehicle Reservations

in 2023 Glacier National Park will be requiring vehicle reservations for entering Going to the Sun Road and other areas of the park.

Your chalet reservation confirmation will act as your Sun Road vehicle reservation on the arrival date.

Have a copy of your reservation confirmation in your vehicle to present along with an id. Either a paper or electronic copy will be fine, but be advised to download it to your device, do not count on a signal being available at the entrance station.

Complete details about GNP vehicle reservations for the upcoming summer are here:

Without a service reservation along Going to the Sun Road, or to enter on a date different than your chalet arrival, you will need to get a vehicle reservation through

Happy Hiking

Starting our 2023 adventures

We are once again humbled to see how many people share our passion for the glacier backcountry. We are simultaneously thrilled with how many adventures are going to happen on the mountain this summer, and deeply disappointed that these little hotels can’t host all who want to visit. We are sorry if we could not award your reservation.

At the moment, both chalets have sold out. If you are interested in potential openings from cancellation the availability page of this website is the best way to take a quick look. Openings will be by chance from here on, there is no specific time to check other than at your whim.

Happy Hiking

Reservation FAQ’s:

What time?
8:00 AM Mountain time zone, Monday January 9, 2023.

Here on this website. Navigate to the reservations page.

Hows it work?
First come first served. Visit the website, fill in the form with the details of your party and available stay dates, hit submit. We handle them in the order received. It may take us a while to work through them all. Expect a reply email in the following few days, it will come from: [email protected]

Got any hints?
These are small hotels with high demand. Give us all the possible dates of stay in your first request. By the time we have a chance to answer the question: ‘what about this other date?’ it will also be sold out.

After submitting you will get a passcode and url. Make note of these if you want to edit your request while it is in queue.

The process will take some time, thanks for your patience. We will be periodically updating the availability calendars to give you an idea of our progress, but it will not be accurate until we get caught up to the request queue.

Can I call for a reservation?
Yes, but, the only thing we can do by phone is enter the online form on your behalf. If you have an internet connection the process is a little faster and more accurate to enter the details yourself.
Our office line is: 888-345-2649. Expect it to be busy next week and we may not be able to check messages very promptly.

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