August 20, 2019 - Tuesday

All trails to Granite Park Chalet have reopened!

Good morning,
As of Tuesday morning, August 20, all trails into and out of Granite Park Chalet have been reopened. Please enjoy your hike, observe your surroundings, and always be bear aware.

See you in the gorgeous high country of Waterton/Glacier international peace park!


August 19, 2019 - Monday

Monday trail status update

All Granite Park Chalet trails will remain closed today. There is no access on the Highline, the Loop or Swiftcurrent Pass. We are reaching out to all guests affected by this closure.

We expect to get more status updates as the National Park Service rangers evaluate the grizzly bear activity in the Granite Park area. We hope to learn about NPS plans for tomorrow's trail status later this afternoon.

Chalet guests that are planning to arrive tomorrow, Tuesday the 20th, may contact our reservation office for the latest information.


August 18, 2019 - Sunday

All trails into Granite Park Chalet closed

The National Park Service has closed all trails into the Granite Park Chalet area on the evening of Sunday the 18th. This is due to unusual grizzly bear activity. Park rangers are planning to investigate the area on Monday morning, we do not expect to have any updates on Granite Park trails before midday Monday.

Chalet guests planning to arrive on Monday are invited to contact the chalet office between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm for the latest information. At this time we do not know when the trails will open again.

Guest and campers currently in the Granite Park area can depart along the Loop Trail or the Swiftcurrent Pass Trail, the Highline Trail will be closed in both directions.

The National Park Service will provide us with updated information as soon as possible, but we do not expect any new information before Monday Afternoon.


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