April 1, 2021 - Thursday

Glacier National Park ticketed entry.

There will be a ticketed entry system for private vehicles entering Glacier National Park on Going to the Sun Road this summer. This will be in effect from Memorial Day to Labor Day; May 28 to September 6, 2021.

Here are the details from the National Park Service.

Here are the frequently asked questions.

This entry system affects all chalet access along Going to the Sun Road.

For chalet reservation holders: Your chalet reservation confirmation is your entry ticket.
At the entry gate you will need to show your chalet reservation confirmation for that day. Be sure to bring a copy of your chalet reservation confirmation with you. You can use the paper confirmation we sent by post, or you may use the Email confirmation displayed on your phone or device. Be advised, there may not be internet service available at the entry gate so be sure that Email has been downloaded to your device beforehand.

For chalet day hikers: You will need an entry reservation ticket to reach chalet trail heads by private vehicle.

For chalet horseback rides: your horseback ride reservation is your entry ticket. Check with Swan Mountain Outfitters for more details.


January 25, 2021 - Monday

Thank you for your enthusiasm

We continue to be grateful and thankful for all the chalet guests we have been able plan Glacier adventures with these past weeks, and we feel regret for all the Glacier enthusiasts we are not able to serve. Since we opened chalet reservations for the 2021 summer season we have received enough reservation requests to completely sell out Glacier Park's chalets over four times over. As much as we want to share these places with everyone, we are unfortunately unable.

We know that deposit payments are coming due this next week. If you have mailed your payment and have not yet heard back, please do not worry. We know that mail sometimes moves slowly here in Montana and here in our offices. We grant every benefit of the doubt and we will not be canceling reservations indiscriminately. If you are anxiously watching for possible openings from cancellation be advised that there will not be another sudden goldrush for openings this week or any time soon. Our availability calendar is there to inform you if and when rooms open up.

We are also learning that some Internet providers are rejecting chalet Emails. We are working with our ISP to resolve this. If you would like a posted confirmation or just to double check a reservation detail we will be near the office phone line from 9am to 2pm Mountain time.

Have a safe and healthy winter.


January 13, 2021 - Wednesday

The bittersweet saga of chalet reservations

Once again our hearts are warmed by all the love and enthusiasm shown toward Sperry and Granite Park Chalets, and once again our hearts break for all the good people we will be unable to serve.

We are still working through the thousands of reservation requests sent in Monday morning, it may take into next week before everyone hears back from us. We send an Email back to every request we handle, but we know that the Internet eats some of them. Especially the large volume of nearly identical declining Emails. Some internet providers find those Emails suspicious and do not deliver them. Successful reservations will also receive a statement by post.

If we do not have good luck with your reservation request please check back periodically through the winter and spring. Openings from cancellations may create new opportunities.

Thank you


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